SCILé, Milan based label, was born as a reinterpretation of the traditional men’s vest. 

Founded in 2020, SCILé was conceived by Silvia Cataudella and Carlotta Chirico, and then developed together with Marta Molesini. 

Vintage lovers and passionate about art, travel and fashion they come together to create unconventional and refined garments inspired by artistic movements and different cultures.  

SCILé is the result of a revised classic garment – the vest – with a touch of contemporary feminine vision expressed by the choice of sustainable or natural fabrics and eclectic prints which create strong and eccentric contrasts. 

SCILé is the protagonist of one’s outfit and not simply an accessory.  

It is a sustainable collection thought for strong and sophisticated women, who care about details and dare to express their personality through their outfits.




One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star (Friederich Nietszche)   

Carlotta, an empathic, tenacious and determined young lady, brings to SCILé her personal work experience in the Fashion & Luxury industry. After years working in this sector, she decides to embark on this ambitious challenge with the enthusiasm and vitality that distinguishes her. Her love for vintage, favored by the period spent living in London and her passion for travelling, leads her to collect unique pieces from each part of the world she visited, which enrich and define her very personal and unconventional style.



I dream of painting and then I paint my dream (Vincent van Gogh)

Silvia, a dreamer, photographer and design lover, who worked in the art sector for several years, brings to SCILé the distinctive artistic approach that truly defines each collection. A refined style, that is never out of place, accompanies her during her days spent working in art galleries and exhibitions, and even throughout her spare time where she loves to discover landscapes and unexplored places.



What is art? What forms become style (André Malraux)

Marta, a great entrepreneur and passionate traveler, brings to SCILé her refined taste. After several years studying and working around England and the United States, she develops a dynamic and well-defined style. Her rational spirit, expressed through her work as a consultant, is balanced by her attitude to creativity and her cosmopolitan experiences that lead her to escape to distant journeys as soon as she can.