SCILé Milano, Milanese contemporary label has been founded in 2020 by Silvia Cataudella, Carlotta Chirico and Marta Molesini.

Vintage lovers and passionate about art, travel and fashion they came together to create unconventional and refined vests, totally Made in Italy and with high quality fabrics.

Around the vest they design a collection composed by timeless pieces which can be worn from morning till late night.

The Made in Italy production and a dominant focus on the environmental impact are the foundations of the brand.

A deep research of natural, dead stock and certified fabrics are combined with contemporary styles creating total looks for young women who love play with their outfits. 

Each collection is composed by 15-30 pieces proposed in different fabrics and colors, reducing the over production and waste.

SCILé proposes real uniforms with a touch of spicy which can be worn together or mixed and matched offering several looks with few pieces.

SCILé ’s aim is to become a way of living: caring about the planet wearing cool dresses.

Live High, the brand's mantra, is in fact a reminder of a fun way of life and at the same time of dressing in high-quality and timeless garments.