We are human before anything else, that's why we are working to build a more cohesive, familiar and environmentally responsible community around us.

Every collection is inspired from past and present artists. We work collection by collection with different graphics and creatives to learn from them and to empower young talents, because we think that together we can be change makers. From day one many thanks to Beatrice Costa, Andrea Lodetti, Alessia Bossi, Amina Marrazzi, Novantanoveei, Antonio Labroca, Michele Stella, Maria Cristina Barbara, Mimosa Misasi.

As we are all part of a community, at SCILé we are working to contribute and do our part by creating high-quality, low-impact, long lasting products.

SCILé is committed to carefully curate a selected product range and we are able to maintain a small, tight-knit supply chain.

We believe in the power of collaboration and pioneer sustainable practices, focusing on people and progress each step of the way.



Together we are stronger, our united energy, rooted within our hearts, creates a ripple effect that powers each one us and the people we work with.

We brought this project to life from our love for the new and our ability to empathize deeply with each other. We are colliding atoms that burst energy.

SCILé has a curious soul that most of all keeps dreaming what might be and creates. These are the ingredients that, mixed with a great dose of positivity, make SCILé.



Each piece from every SCILé collection is designed and created in Italy supporting the economy of our country, to ensure the highest quality possible while helping to minimize the environmental impact due to CO2 emissions linked to international transport.



For all collections, SCILé adopts a slow fashion approach. Fabrics are chosen ethically, guaranteeing garments that will last over time. SCILé follows the philosophy of less is now: buy less today to have products that can be worm forever. The decision to present only two main collections a year reflects the brand's ethos of avoiding unnecessary overproduction. 




SCILé is working to ensure a low impact on our planet as much as possibile. Each collection is made from natural or certified or recycled fabrics selected from Italian suppliers. SCILé is also committed to presenting few times per year, capsule collections available in limited quantities created from antique and vintage fabrics, making a contribution to the circular economy system.




The boxes are created and designed by an Italian company. The paper used is ecological, 100% biodegradable and recyclable and does not contain chromium. It is acid free, guaranteeing product durability.

The hanger for the showroom are created in Italy and 98,62% recyclable and produced with water-based paints. The FSC certification attests that the wood used and the forests are managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.




For all the milanese orders SCILé decides to deliver products by electric motorbike or bicycle reducing the use of cars where possible.