SCILé Milano presents the new Coastline collection Spring Summer 2024.
The collection takes inspiration from the iconic series The O.C from the 2000s and its characters.
Light colors and preppy looks combine with more relaxed and everyday outfits to signify the different personalities of the protagonists framing the Californian mood of those years.
Details such as beads and flowers contrasted with metal accessories describe the disparity between a girly world and a masculine one. Nevertheless, these opposing moods can blend together harmoniously.
Silk, sequinnes, lace and see-through fabrics are mixed with cotton and linen to create looks that can be worn both together and separately.
To celebrate the love between the two main characters, the carry over long sleeve features a print of the famous clichè from the series.
Following the Fall Winter wave, in this collection are still present fabrics with bleach effects which give a notable touch to the whole collection.
The result is a collection that follows daily lives and sexier evenings.